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Ethics And Values Play A Major Role Of Nursing...

Ethics and values play a major role in nursing professionalism. Nursing professionalism is the way that nurses interact with other professionals and apply knowledge from the basic principles of nursing to better care for their patients. The professional values of nursing include altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social justice (â€Å"Essentials,† 2008). These values provide guidelines that accurately describe a compassionate and ethical nurse. One of the values that relates to me as well as my future professional nursing role is human dignity. Protecting human dignity means that the nursing professional will respect all individuals or communities they are working with and show them that they are important and are being cared for (â€Å"Essentials,† 2008). Human Dignity In order to understand human dignity in professional nursing, it must first be understood in a general aspect. Dignity can be described as how individuals perceive themselves, as well as how others perceive them. If a person has dignity, they have self-worth and self-respect, and others identify that they are respectable. Human dignity could then be explained as having respect for an individual regardless of their circumstances because dignity is a characteristic instilled in the person, and they should not have to prove their worth for it. There are many ways that human dignity can be expressed in daily life. One of the ways that I best apply this value in my own life is through showing respect. IShow MoreRelatedThe Health Care Delivery System Essay1141 Words   |  5 PagesIn order to become a registered nurse, nursing students must learn the core concepts of professionalism that they must follow in their future nursing careers. According to Finkelman and Kenner (201 6), â€Å"Today, nursing is an applied science, a practice profession. To appreciate the relevance of this statement requires an understanding of professionalism and how it applies to nursing. Nursing is more than just a job; it is a professional career requiring commitment† (p. 17). This paper will discussRead More Applying the Nursing Code of Ethics to Patient Care Essay example2715 Words   |  11 Pagespatient’s well-being. As a profession, nurses need to promote the core values and code of Ethics amongst them. Nurse practitioners are required to understand and practice the specific knowledge and skills of core values such as nurse caring, advocacy, holism and professionalism to assist the patients in their critical condition (Volp 2007a). This essay will discuss the core values of responsible nursing practice and code of ethics in relation to the young patient who is suffering from paraplegia. Read MoreAssessment Task Two Jigsaw Piece1654 Words   |  7 Pages the patients’ perceptions and requirements. Showing your clients dignity is absolutely necessary to gain their trust and give them comfort. Respecting patients specific needs, moral values and individual preferences is key in providing the best possible care. Encouraging and teaching the patients themselves to play a role in the management of their own health, rehabilitation or ongoing treatment can produce beneficial results. Another significant element is communication, and openly sharing medicalRead MoreApplication And Codes Of Practice1455 Words   |  6 Pagesgets altered as they start experiencing new things in their discipline. This relates to many careers including nursing. Nursing is a profession where an individual provides care for patients. In this discipline, many factors contribute to their professional identity such as quality of care and service to following codes and ethics. The organisations that set standards and guidelines for nursing is key part in the c reation of this profession s professional identity. These are specifically set to ensureRead MoreEthics Committees Are Formed To Help Hospital And Medical1699 Words   |  7 PagesEthics Committees are formed to help hospital and medical personnel resolve ethical issues that arise in their facility. The committee members are a mix of hospital personnel, including physicians, nurses, administration, social work, chaplains and others. These professionals work together to assure quality patient care in their facility. To achieve their goal the members must work together with open communication, mutual respect, and shared decision making. I will discuss three points related toRead MoreHow The Unprofessional Practice Affects Patient Care And Nurses Professional Image2063 Words   |  9 Pages Student name: Nian Nian Student number: n9705821 Unit Code: NSB018 Assessment item 3: Realising professionalism in Nursing Practice Word Count: 1541 Introduction (147) The role and responsibility of the nurse can be overwhelmingly complicated. Professional nursing is a fundamental component of health care, as patients and families view nurses as the foremost caring and trusted member of the multidisciplinary team (Van Wagoner, 2016). Unprofessional practice creates a threatRead MoreA Reflection of the Skills Acquired from Inter-Professional Education and How They May Be Applied in Practice1782 Words   |  8 Pageshave similar values on the health of patients and benefit to communities to share ideas on how patient care, quality and effectiveness on health services could be improved. Through this, I gained a reasonable insight into what colleagues from different healthcare professions do and how they contribute to patient care and health services. In the IPE module, I was allocated into a group where there was a variety of healthcare programmes, which included Pharmacy, Radiography, Adult Nursing and ParamedicsRead MoreProfessional Collaboration : The Ethics Committee1788 Words   |  8 PagesIntra-Professional Collaboration: The Ethics Committee Ethics Committees are formed to help hospital and medical personnel resolve ethical issues that arise in their facility. The ethics committee members are a mix of hospital personnel, including physicians, nurses, administration, social work, chaplains and others. This intra-professionals team works together to assure quality patient care in their facility. To achieve their goal the members must work together with open communication, mutual respectRead MoreElder Abuse Within Nursing Home Setting4492 Words   |  18 PagesELDER ABUSE IN A NURSING HOME SETTING 2 ELDER ABUSE IN A NURSING HOME SETTING 3 Elder Abuse in a Nursing Home Setting LaShawn Rogers University of Baltimore History Foundations of Human Services 602.185 Dr.Pearson November18, 2015 Running head: ELDER ABUSE IN A NURSING HOME SETTING 1 Elder Abuse in a Nursing Home Setting Elder Abuse in Nursing Home Setting INTRODUCTION Elder abuse can be defined as the infliction of injury by a caregiver in an unreasonable manner; may involve intimidationRead MoreInnovation And Change : Nursing Essay4333 Words   |  18 PagesInnovation and Change – Nursing Name Institution The need for innovation in medical care becomes a priority in a growing world, with the world population growing at an alarming rate, from 3.036 Billion to 7.125 Billion in just half a century from 1960 to 2013. The rapid increase in population has translated to congestion in urban centers leading to enormous waste production; a lot of pollution made due to excessive fumes from vehicles on roads and even water pollution due to a rapid increase

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Definitions of Lab Report

Definitions of Lab Report If you're taking a science program, and you have problems writing quality reports, you require lab report writing assistance from professionals. Writing the report under such conditions may come in shoddy work which might not be impressive to the instructor. It's certainly difficult for students who face too little time and various other difficulties related to their spare time and other personal errands. Most students who take science courses don't have any option except to write lab reports at the same point. No work appears to be too problematic for us. All the information that you write here must be clear and in full detail so anyone who'd love to replicate your experiment will have the ability to. The ideal way to prepare to write the lab report is to be sure that you completely understand all you will need to about the experiment. Notably, writing a lab report requires a lot of time. The Appeal of Lab Report It's possible to never underes timate the importance of getting your lab report written by a specialist in your area. As a result, when you have a lab report example college that should be edited or proofread, don't hesitate to speak to us for assistance. Probably you're uncertain of the steps which you will need to follow in writing an outstanding lab report. Getting adequate time to compose a thorough sample lab report might not be easy for most students. You would have to state the background info and the overall finding of your lab study. If you're going to compose your very first experiment file, you may use lab report samples as templates to follow. You'd be explaining how your research or experiment linked to the prior work which had been done in the exact same field. Finally, others need to be able to verify your findings, which means that your experiment has to be reproducible, to the extent which other researchers can stick to the exact same procedure and get the same (or similar) results. What You Need to Do About Lab Report Even in the event you don't compose an entire introduction, you must state the aim of the experiment, or why you did it. How you opt to report a lab study will count on the amount of complexity of the experiment and its duration. Formal lab report demands the comprehension of the subject, recreation of the experiment and fantastic analysis of the gathered data. After you have expressed your purpose, you then need to find it much easier to move from the overall purpose, to relevant material on the topic, to your hypothesis. Life, Death, and Lab Report No matter which sort of experiment you've performed in the laboratory we'll offer you a genuine specialist who can help you document and promote your findings. Not all types of laboratory work would need a report. Likewise, your raw data can be put in an appendix. A couple of studies is sufficient. Whether you are coping with chemistry or biology lab report, we're all set to aid you. Laboratory stories are a simple portion of all lab classes and a substantial part of your grade. If you're taking an overall biology program or AP Biology, at some point you might have to to do biology lab experiments. Nuclear waste ought to be managed for a number of years before it's protected. Lab Report: No Longer a Mystery It ought to be direct, concise and simple to comprehend. You may want to fully discuss and interpret the info. The info should clearly enable readers to determine whether they have to read your entire report. The results supply the reader with information what you found. Tests could be run on a specific patient's samples on various dates. Some tests can be done on more than 1 kind of sample. Understanding Lab Report It is possible to also explain the way that it helped you get the intended result. The information here would be quite useful when counselling your patients before the test. In any case, the report should have a coherent structure that enables readers to comprehend the procedures you followed to find the results. You cannot present quality findings if you've got a notion of the existent data in the special region of investigation. The Basic Facts of Lab Report Therefore, it's frequently the very best section to get started with when writing-up your report. The document has to be divided into the necessary sections. You may go through them quickly to learn if the said report is associated with your topic. For a one-week lab, a couple pages of text ought to be suffic ient.

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Informative Speech Diabetes Essay Essay Example

Informative Speech Diabetes Essay Essay I. Attention-getting device: Turning up. I visited my household in Boston every summer. It was one of those summer yearss when the scariest thing of all time happened to me. My Cousin like many others was born with type 2 diabetes. It was a normal. searing hot twenty-four hours when my Cousin ( Logan ) . my Brother ( Anthony ) and I were angling in a nearby pool. We ever packed Logan a safety back pack that was full of the things he might necessitate in instance of an exigency such as ; sugar-free bites and drinks every bit good as bites and drinks with sugar. his blood glucose supervising kit. and insulin shootings. Leaving the house I thought I was prepared for anything but I was non prepared for the worst. We will write a custom essay sample on Informative Speech Diabetes Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Informative Speech Diabetes Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Informative Speech Diabetes Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer After an hr or so my Cousin began so say â€Å"he was crashing. † non cognizing precisely what he meant I merely brushed it off and the following thing I knew I looked over and he was out on the grass. Wordss can non truly depict how I began to experience but I knew I had to make something and speedy or else I might free my Cousin. Logan had no sugar in his organic structure and crashed merely like he said. Thankfully. he was really knowing on his status and walked me through the stairss as best he could. I hate acerate leafs but I had to give him his insulin shooting in order to maintain him alive. II. Background: Diabetes day of the months back to 5000 bce being one of the oldest diseases known to scientific discipline. It was described by ancient Egyptians as a disease with frequent micturition. Diabetes as we know it today was normally called The â€Å"Sweet Water† Disease in 100 ad. The disease was coined by Grecian doctor. Areteus who used the Grecian word â€Å"siphon† or â€Å"going through† and the Latin word Mellitus significance â€Å"sweet† was added because those diagnosed with diabetes their piss was sweet. In the 1800s the first chemical trial for mensurating sugar in piss was discovered but until so physicians would name those with diabetes by really savoring the patient’s piss for sugariness. III. Relevance: Although we may non all have diabetes in this schoolroom diabetes is a immense menace to planetary wellness that is going a rapid epidemic throughout our universe that touches all age groups. Harmonizing to the American Diabetes Association there are 23. 6 million or 8 % people in the United States population who have diabetes IV. Establish credibleness: I could sit here all twenty-four hours and state you that none of us in this room will contract any signifier of diabetes but in actuality that would be a prevarication. After extensively researching diabetes I’ve come to the decision that diabetes is a serious menace that engulfs a huge bulk of our population today. V. Thesis: Although diabetes is an incurable disease that affects a big sum of our population today but if we are good informed we can do smart determinations to forestall and keep this disease 10/8/2008VI. Preview: In order for us to go informed about diabetes there are a few things that we need to understand and today I will explicate three facets of it: A. What diabetes is/background information B. Complications of diabetesC. What we can make to forestall and keep normal blood glucose degrees TRANSITION: First. we must understand precisely what diabetes agencies and the types of diabetes to foster our cognition on the issue. Body A. What is diabetes?a ) Harmonizing to Francine Kaufman and Janet Silverstein at the Center for Diabetes this status is defined as the procedure in which our organic structures produce excessively much blood sugar or blood glucose. Sugars come from the nutrients we eat that we need to fuel our organic structures. Our blood contains glucose because we need this for energy but diabetes patients have excessively much glucose in their organic structures which is unhealthy. B ) Types of Diabetes I. Pre-Diabetes: When blood glucose degrees are higher than physicians would usually wish but non high plenty to be diagnosed as diabetes. Harmonizing to the American Diabetes Association there are 57 million people in the United States diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Research has shown that if blood glucose is monitored closely at the pre-diabetes phase. type 2 diabetes can perchance be dodged. II. Type 1: Normally begins all of a sudden before the age of 20. Caused by a mixture of different familial abnormalcies and environmental triggers. It causes the organic structure to assail the pancreas doing it unable to bring forth insulin. Person with type 1 diabetes will necessitate to acquire their insulin from shootings or pumps everyday. Type 1 diabetes merely histories for approximately 5 % of the instances in the United States harmonizing to Harvard Health Watch. III. Type 2: The pancreas can still bring forth some insulin but the cells can non utilize it. Person with type two will necessitate to take insulin or pills to assist modulate the insulin in your organic structure. Those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes normally do non contract it from their cistrons it is based more on lifestyle factors with fleshiness being the chief subscriber. Harmonizing to Harvard Health Watch more than 90 % of diabetics have type 2 diabetes. IV. Gestational Diabetes: Occurs merely in pregnant adult females. After bringing. a Mother’s blood sugar degree returns to normal but the female parent every bit good as her kid have a high hazard of developing type 2 diabetes in the hereafter. TRANSISTION: Keeping diabetes under control can cut down the hazard of future complications. Harmonizing to the American Diabetes Association. unhappily. non many know they have diabetes until they encounter one or many of these complications. B. Complications of diabetesThere are many associated hazards with diabetes that are serious and can sometimes ensue in decease. Just to call a few: kidney disease. sightlessness. bosom disease. shot. high blood force per unit area. dental disease. nervous system disease. complications of gestation. and amputations. 65 % of deceases occur from bosom disease and shot among grownups with diabetes. TRANSISTION: It is obvious that the complications associated with diabetes can be chilling and life endangering but there are many ways to maintain your diabetes under control and prevent diabetes from come ining your life style. C. What we can make to prevent/maintain normal blood glucose degrees For those who are diagnosed with diabetes you can take some steps to maintain your status in line by take parting in regular physical activities. have a healthy repast program. keep a healthy weight. and command your blood sugar degrees by taking medicines instructed by physician ( s ) . We can all as college pupils take preventive steps to halt diabetes from happening in our lives. Although it may be difficult being off from Mom’s place cookery this can be done by doing healthy eating picks. increasing our physical activity. along with moderate intoxicant ingestion. TRANSISTION: By better apprehension diabetes and going knowing on the effects of diabetes we can prevent/maintain it. Decision I. Restatement of thesis: Diabetes is an incurable disease that affects a big sum of our population today but if we are good informed we can do smart determinations to forestall and keep this disease II. Closing: There is no remedy for diabetes therefore far but those diagnosed can still populate a long healthy life if they take attention of themselves. To better understand diabetes we need to acknowledge the four different types of diabetes ; pre-diabetes. type one. type two. and gestational diabetes. go educated on the complications of diabetes. and recognize what we can make to forestall and keep diabetes. Mentions American Diabetes Association. . ( n. d. ) . Diabetes Statistics. Retrieved Oct. 6. 2008. from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. diabetes. org/home. jspKreiter. T. ( 2008. March ) . CHASING DIABETES AROUND THE WORLD. Saturday Evening Post. 280 ( 2 ) . 84-88. Retrieved October 6. 2008. from Academic Search Premier database.Preventing diabetes. Part I: Understanding and naming the disease. ( 2007. June ) . Harvard Men’s Health Watch. Retrieved October 6. 2008. from Academic Search Premier database.Turkoski. B. ( 2006. May ) . Diabetes and Diabetes Medications. Orthopaedic Nursing. 25 ( 3 ) . 227-231. Retrieved October 6. 2008. from Academic Search Premier database.

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Collection of Classic Christmas Poems

Collection of Classic Christmas Poems Classic Christmas poems are a joy to read during the holiday season. They offer a glimpse into how Christmas was celebrated in the decades and centuries of the past. It is likely true that some of these poems have shaped how we view and celebrate Christmas today. As you snuggle beneath the Christmas tree or before the fire, browse some of the poems gathered here for your holiday reading and reflection. They may inspire you to add new traditions to your celebration or even to take up your own pen or keyboard to compose your own verses. Christmas Poems from the 17th Century The traditions of the Christmas season in the 17th century combined the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus with baptized versions of pagan solstice revelries. The Puritans tried to rein it in, even to the extent of banning Christmas. But the poems from these times tell of holly, ivy, the Yule log, mince pie, wassail, feasting, and merriment. William Shakespeare, Lines spoken after the ghost’s exit from Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 1 (1603)George Wither,â€Å"A Christmas Carol† (1622)Robert Herrick,â€Å"Ceremonies for Christmas† (1648)Henry Vaughan,â€Å"The True Christmas† (1678) Christmas Poems from the 18th Century This century saw political revolutions and the Industrial Revolution. From the bucolic list of gifts of fowl in The Twelve Days of Christmas, there is a transition to more somber issues of war and strife in Coleridges A Christmas Carol. Anonymous,â€Å"The Twelve Days of Christmas† (1780)Samuel Taylor Coleridge,â€Å"A Christmas Carol† (1799) Christmas Poems from the 19th Century St. Nicholas and Santa Claus became popular in the United States in the 19th Century and A Visit from St. Nicholas popularized the elements of nocturnal rounds of gift giving. The poem helped crystallize the image of a chubby Santa Claus with a sleigh and reindeer and arrival on the roof and down the chimney. But the century also has Longfellows lament about the Civil War and how the hope of peace can survive harsh reality. Meanwhile, Sir Walter Scott reflects on the holiday as celebrated by a baron in Scotland. Sir Walter Scott, â€Å"Christmas in the Olden Time† (from Marmion, 1808)Clement Clark Moore (attributed to him- but more probably written by Major Henry Livingston, Jr.),â€Å"A Visit from St. Nicholas† (first published in 1823, likely written in 1808)Emily Dickinson,â€Å"’Twas just this time last year I died† (#445)Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,â€Å"Christmas Bells† (1864)Christina Rossetti,â€Å"In the Bleak Midwinter† (1872)Robert Louis Stevenson,â€Å"Christmas at Sea† (1888) Christmas Poems of the Early 20th Century These poems are ones worth setting aside some time to muse over their meanings and lessons. Did the oxen kneel at the manger? Who gave the poet an unseen kiss under the mistletoe? What is the worth of a field of trees if not to be cut down for Christmas trees? What brought the Magi and other visitors to the manger? Christmas can be a time for contemplation. G.K. Chesterton,â€Å"A Christmas Carol† (1900)Sara Teasdale,â€Å"Christmas Carol† (1911)Walter de la Mare,â€Å"Mistletoe† (1913)Thomas Hardy,â€Å"The Oxen† (1915)William Butler Yeats,â€Å"The Magi† (1916)Robert Frost, â€Å"Christmas Trees† (1920)

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Analysis of The Yellow Wallpaper by C. Perkins Gilman

Analysis of The Yellow Wallpaper by C. Perkins Gilman Like Kate Chopins The Story of an Hour,  Charlotte Perkins Gilmans The Yellow Wallpaper  is a mainstay of feminist literary study. First published in 1892, the story takes the form of secret journal entries written by a woman who is supposed to be recovering from what her husband, a physician, calls a  nervous condition. This haunting psychological horror story chronicles the narrators descent into madness, or perhaps into the paranormal. Or perhaps, depending on your interpretation, into freedom. The result is a story as chilling as anything by Edgar Allan Poe or Stephen King. Better Health Through Infantilization The protagonists husband, John, does not take her illness seriously. Nor does he take her seriously. He prescribes, among other things, a rest cure, in which she is confined to their summer home, mostly to her bedroom. The woman is discouraged from doing anything intellectual even though she believes some excitement and change would do her good. She must write in secret. And she is allowed very little company- certainly not from the stimulating people she most wishes to see. In short, John treats her like a child, calling her diminutive names like blessed little goose and little girl. He makes all decisions for her and isolates her from the things she cares about. His actions are couched in concern for her, a position that she initially seems to believe herself. He is very careful and loving, she writes in her journal, and hardly lets me stir without special direction. Her words also sound as if she is merely parroting what shes been told, and hardly lets me stir seems to harbor a veiled complaint. Even her bedroom is not the one she wanted; instead, its a room that appears to have once been a nursery, thus emphasizing her return to infancy. Its windows are barred for little children, showing again that she is being treated as a child, and also that she is like a prisoner. Fact  Versus Fancy John dismisses anything that hints of emotion or irrationality- what he calls fancy. For instance, when the narrator says that the wallpaper in her bedroom disturbs her, he informs her that she is letting the wallpaper get the better of her and thus refuses to remove it. John doesnt simply dismiss things he finds fanciful; he also uses the charge of fancy to dismiss anything he doesnt like. In other words, if he doesnt want to accept something, he declares that it is irrational. When the narrator tries to have a reasonable talk with him about her situation, she is so distraught that she is reduced to tears. But instead of interpreting her tears as evidence of her suffering, he takes them as evidence that she is irrational and cant be trusted to make decisions for herself. He speaks to her as if she is a whimsical child, imagining her own illness. Bless her little heart! he says. She shall be as sick as she pleases! He does not want to acknowledge that her problems are real and so he silences her. The only way the narrator could appear rational to John would be to become satisfied with her situation; therefore, there is no way for her to express concerns or ask for changes. In her journal, the narrator writes: John does not know how much I really suffer. He knows there is no reason to suffer, and that satisfies him. John cant imagine anything outside his own judgment. So when he determines that the narrators life is satisfactory, he imagines that the fault lies with her perception of her life. It never occurs to him that her situation might really need improvement. The Wallpaper The  nursery walls are covered in putrid yellow wallpaper with a confused, eerie pattern. The narrator is horrified by it. She studies the incomprehensible pattern in the wallpaper, determined to make sense of it. But rather than making sense of it, she begins to discern a second pattern- that of a woman creeping furtively around behind the first pattern, which acts a prison for her. The first pattern of the wallpaper can be seen as the societal expectations that hold women like the narrator captive. The narrators recovery will be measured by how cheerfully she resumes her domestic duties as wife and mother, and her desire to do anything else- like write- is seen to interfere with that recovery. Though the narrator studies and studies the pattern in the wallpaper, it never makes any sense to her. Similarly, no matter how hard she tries to recover, the terms of her recovery- embracing her domestic role- never make any sense to her, either. The creeping woman can represent both victimizations by the societal norms and resistance to them. This creeping woman also gives a clue about why the first pattern is so troubling and ugly. It seems to be peppered with distorted heads with bulging eyes- the heads of other creeping women who were strangled by the pattern when they tried to escape it. That is, women who couldnt survive when they tried to resist cultural norms. Gilman writes that nobody could climb through that pattern- it strangles so. Becoming a Creeping Woman Eventually, the narrator becomes a creeping woman. The first indication is when she says, rather startlingly, I always lock the door when I creep by daylight. Later, the narrator and the creeping woman work together to pull off the wallpaper. The narrator writes, [T]here are so many of those creeping women, and they creep so fast. So the narrator is one of many. That her shoulder just fits into the groove on the wall is sometimes interpreted to mean that she has been the one ripping the paper and creeping around the room all along. But it could also be interpreted as an assertion that her situation is no different from that of many other women. In this interpretation, The Yellow Wallpaper becomes not just a story about one womans madness, but a maddening system. At one point, the narrator observes the creeping women from her window and asks, I wonder if they all come out of that wallpaper as I did? Her coming out of the wallpaper- her freedom- coincides with a descent into mad behavior, ripping off the paper, locking herself in her room, even biting the immovable bed. That is, her freedom comes when she finally reveals her beliefs and behavior to those around her and stops hiding. The final scene, in which John faints, and the narrator continues to creep around the room, stepping over him every time, is disturbing but also triumphant. Now John is the one who is weak and sickly, and the narrator is the one who finally gets to determine the rules of her own existence. She is finally convinced that he only pretended to be loving and kind. After being consistently infantilized by his prescriptions and comments, she turns the tables on him by addressing him condescendingly, if only in her mind, as young man. John refused to remove the wallpaper, and in the end, the narrator used it as her escape.

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Wastewater Treatment Methods Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Wastewater Treatment Methods - Case Study Example Therefore as one in charge of the city’s water supply, opting for an all-purpose water plant is more beneficial (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2004). Water treatment involves a variety of stages. It begins at the primary stage which involves a process referred to as sedimentation which allows for all the undesired materials to sink to the ground as the water is left floating. At this stage, the water cannot be used. The secondary stage follows and this involves processes like biological oxidation and disinfection. The water from this stage can be used for the non-potable purposes. The tertiary or advanced stage is the final stage and the processes found in it include chemical coagulation, filtration and further disinfection. The water from this last stage is what is used for indirect potable purposes like ground water recharging (My Clearwater, 2010). Reclaimed water is mostly used for non-potable; non-drinking processes. It can however be used for drinking provided the water being recycled undergoes the necessary treatment procedures as outlined by the EPA in their technical document entitled ‘Guidelines for Water Reuse’. The non-potable processes include landscaping irrigation, toilet flushing and in the construction industry. Compared to water reclaimed for drinking processes, these processes require less treatment. It is worth noting that whatever purpose water is reclaimed for, the savings made both from a financial and resources view point are great. Industries have also benefited from recycled water whereby instead of them using clean fresh water, they opt to reuse treated water that has already been used in their cooling processes (Natural Resources Defense Council, 2011). Water being recycled for potable use is done through recharging the ground water aquifers and augmenting surface water reservoirs with rec ycled water. Projects like this have

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(a research proposal ) Employee satisfaction and firm performance Essay

(a research proposal ) Employee satisfaction and firm performance - Essay Example e are many studies, articles and research devoted to customer satisfaction, but the writings, theories and strategies related to employee satisfaction with job are few. The ideas that employee satisfaction is related to productivity in the same degree as customer satisfaction, appeared at the beginning of 90s, and it was confirmed in the practice and experience of various companies. The number of studies devoted to this problem constantly grows. The authors of the article, mentioned above, provided a scheme, defined as â€Å"the service profit chain†. (p. 15) This scheme included all necessary element of achieving success and prosperity for the company. These authors investigated experience of various companies from different branches of industry, and made important conclusions. They insisted that the correlation of employee and customer satisfaction with the profit directly influence company’s performance. The results of the study provided a basis for new patterns of managing success in business. The methods they observed, concentrate on the effect of employee job satisfaction and performance on â€Å"the value of products and services delivered so that managers can build customer satisfaction, loyalty and assess the corresponding impact on profitability and growth.† (p. 17) The authors add that â€Å"...the lifetime value of a loyal customer can be astronomical, especially when referrals are added to the economics of customer retention and repeat purchases of related products.† (p.17) The authors note: "Putting employees and customers in the spotlight is common to Quality programs. As anyone working in support of Quality knows, Quality doesn’t just happen. Those running a company must be fully committed to it. In the case of the companies under discussion, their CEOs and top managers exhibited a special kind of leadership. â€Å"CEOs of exemplary service companies emphasize the importance of each employee and customer. For these CEOs, the focus on customers and